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Current and regular events

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Yearly Events

Main Events

Date Event Description
Once a Week Bible Time After singing a hymn, we read from the Bible and think about how the way of life should be as a person.
Beginning of January First Calligraphy of the Year Each student writes down their yearly resolutions.
Beginning of March Ladies’ Day Male staffs and the students cook delicacies for the female staffs.
Beginning of May Children’s Day Barbeque at Mr. Y’s (from whom we buy eggs).
July or Beginning of August Camp We take tent and cooking utensils, and have a survival camp. We live mostly on fish for a few days.
September Hiking to Miyoshi We walk for a few hours to Miyoshi. After we reach Miyoshi, we eat at a restaurant, and then go to a public bath where we relax our tired bodies.
Twice a Year (Beginning of June, Beginning of October) Parent-Teachers’ Meeting Parents come to see how the students are doing. You can enjoy food that students cook.
Twice a Year (March, December) Pounding Mochi An event where we can see the students’ growth.
As Required Birthday Party Birthday kid can order any food they like.
December Christmas Party After eating Christmas dinner, we have some fun time playing games, singing, dancing and watching plays.

Event Pictures

A sneak peak of some events.

Poems Card Game

Childrens’s Day

Barbeque at Mr. Y’s (from whom we buy eggs)

Watching Baseball Game

School Trip


Suisu Mura Camp

Birthday Party

Pounding Mochi

Christmas Party