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Nobuyuki Kihara
Nobuyuki KiharaRepresentative Director
After resigining from teaching in elementary school at 40 years old, he starts to build a “dream school”.
Emiko Kihara
Emiko KiharaStaff
Mr. Nobuyuki Kihara’s wife.
Raised three sons and three daughters. Now, she’s taking care of her grandson.
Her goal is to lead a happy life.
Akinori Wakabayashi
Akinori WakabayashiStaff
Social Worker
After graduating from university, works in Suisu Mura as a volunteer for a year, and then becomes a staff.
He wants to nurture students with a right and considerate heart, in a homey environment.
Favorite Phrase: A warm heart goes a long way
Hobbies: Creative Activity (Crafts, Handicrafts, Drawing, Cooking, Music etc.)
Has been playing ethnic musical instruments, handmade musical instruments (percussion instrument) from his college days.
He is in charge of creative activities and dingdong band.
Kiyoshi Kihara
Kiyoshi KiharaStaff
Graduated Kwansei Gakuin University (Department of Sociology).
Hobbies: Soft Tennis, Ski, Japanese Chess, Game of Go, Piano, Guitar
A christian. His motto is “Glory be to the Lord”.
Takashi Kihara
Takashi KiharaStaff
Mr. Nobuyuki Kihara’s youngest son. After graduating from university, he’s working as a staff in Suisu Mura.
Hobbies: Fishing, all kinds of sports.
Sae Kihara
Sae KiharaStaff
Mr. Kiyoshi Kihara’s wife.
Lived in India for 19 years. Graduated American High School.
Experienced teaching as an ALT in Tokyo.
Hobbies: Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting.
An-chanSuisu Mura's Mascot
A bit sensitive to new people.
Ten-chanSuisu Mura's Mascot
Likes to eat.


Please feel free to contact us.

Suisu Mura

Phone: 0824-87-2808
Address: 〒728-0501

Hiroshima-ken, Shobara-shi
Kuchiwa-cho, Miyauchi 285

Yomogi Cafe

Phone No. for Reservation 080-4174-7851

Admission & Fees

We are receiving admission at any time into Suisu Mura.

As for educational counseling and facility tour is free of charge.

In case of admission…

For short term: Basically 5,000 yen a day. For special programs (extracurricular activities such as school trips, ski trips, sea bathing, etc. ) fees would be needed separately.

For long term: Basically 15,000 yen a month (including fees for three meals  a day,  sports, studies and educational guidance). However, fees can be negotiated in response to  family’s economic conditions. Yearly membership fees: 10,000 yen. For special programs (extracurricular activities such as school trips, ski trips, sea bathing, etc. ) fees would be needed separately.